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Actually, abundant is not the correct description of this site. Banded, red and yellow agate is scattered over the area. Let Us Know About Your Rock and Mineral Club! Started on the family farm, James expanded to the building we are in now in 1981. Mineral Collecting - Willamette Valley. Near the East Fork of the Salmon River is an excellent collecting locality where a variety of cryptocrystalline quartz is found in blood red sandstone. Kids can become Junior Rockhounds and even earn Future Rockhounds of America badges. The opals are salmon pink or cherry red in color and display great brilliance. Utah is known by some as the Rock Hounding Capital of the United States! American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) is a non-profit educational federation of seven similar regional organizations of gem, mineral and lapidary socities. Rock Shops Book Stores Gift Shops. Unfortunately some of the best areas have been closed to collecting, but venture south further toward Hart Park and you will find more fossil bearing strata that you can search. Succor Creek on the western edge of the county yields red and green agates in a rich two-tone combination and a round shaped nodule, which is called “thunder egg.” These are often found to be geodes with the center filled with fluids. ... Additional sites are being studied for their feasibility for public rock and mineral collecting. (208) 769-1524 Fax, Grazing, Farming and Conservation Program, Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council, Moth Infestation & Damaged Timber Salvage, Read more about Mineral Exploration Locations, Graveyard Point southwest of Homedale (private mine) west of US 95 near Idaho-Oregon border, 9 miles north of Muldoon, south of Cary, along Little Wood River, War Eagle Mountain near Silver City and "Indian Bathtub" area, Paddy Flat and Big Creek area near Cascade, Golden Bell Mine in head of gulch containing Minnie Moore Mine near Bellevue, Alder Creek and Bayhorse Mining Districts, Little North Fork area near Kellogg and Mullan, In pegmatites of the Levi Anderson, Muscovite and other mica mines near Avon, Alder Creek, Bayhorse and Yankee Fork Mining Districts, White Mountain Mine, Seven Devils Mining District, Sunshine, Bunker Hill, Hypotheek, Hecla, Standard-Mammoth and Hercules Mines, Coeur d'Alene Mining District, Wild Horse Canyon east side of Hyndman Peak, Rocky Flat area near New Meadows and Seven Devils Mining District, Blue Jacket Mine, Seven Devils Mining District, Rabbit Springs on Idaho-Nevada border US 93, War Eagle and Florida Mountain areas near Silver City, Pole Creek Summit near Galena and south of Carey along Little Wood River, Arkansas Mine, et al., Seven Devils Mining District, Near Bayhorse and in Yankee Fork Mining District, McKinley Gulch in Slate Creek and Ruby Meadows, Along Rhodes and Orofino Creeks near Pierce, Along Gold Fork Creek northeast of Donnelly, Adjacent to US 95 midway between Riggins and Lucile, Peacock, Queen, Copper Boy and other mines, Seven Devils Mining District, Mackinaw and Carmen Creek Mining Districts, Crystal Butte 18 miles north of St. Anthony, Purdue Creek, vicinity of Bovill and Clarkia and along East Fork of Emerald Creek (US Forest Service fee), Lanes Creek (NW 1/4, Section 9, Township 8 S, Range 43 E, BM), White Monument, Peacock and Copper Key mines near Kinney Point, On main Salmon River 10 miles above Riggins, In dumps of copper mines, Alder Creek Mining District, Hummingbird Mine area in Paris Canyon near Montpelier, 50 road miles south of Bruneau in Bruneau River Canyon, • Crane Creek Reservoir area, 12 miles south of Challis along US 93A, West of US 95 south of Homedale near Idaho-Oregon border, • Signal Light 10 miles northwest of Weiser, Skull Canyon area two miles east of Kaufman, Coeur d'Alene and adjacent mining districts, Associated with silver mines near Silver City, In the Gold Hunter Mine, Coeur d'Alene Mining District, Parker Mountain Mines, Gravel Range Mining District, DeLamar Mine on Florida Mountain near Silver City, Spencer Opal Mine near Spencer (private - fee charged), Lava beds of Squaw Butte, Emmett area, and Black Canyon Dam, Near Givens Hot Springs, Oreana and on the west side of Squaw Creek, Red to salmon-pink to whites and pale blues along Willow Creek near Emmett, Few miles southeast of Hwy 95 at Idaho-Oregon state line in Coal Mine Basin (black opalized wood found in sandstone formation), War Eagle Mountain and Florida Mountain area near Silver City, • Willow Creek Road south of Challis off US 93A, • Coal Mine Basin on US 85 south of Marsing, Pole Creek tributary of Little Wood River, Conjecture Mine south of Lakeview (REMARKS: PINK), Blackbird Mining District and Kitty Burton Mine in Indian Creek District, Placer deposits near New Meadows in Adams and Valley counties, 5 miles up Carpenter Creek from junction with St. Maries River, St. Joe Basin and along St. Joe - Clearwater Divide, Blue Jacket Claim, Seven Devils Mining District, Rabbit Springs, US 93 Idaho-Nevada border, Dismal Swamp 9 1/2 miles northwest of Rocky Bar, • Along tributary of Paddy Creek in Paddy Flat area on Gold Fork Creek, Gravel Range and Parker Mountain District, War Eagle and Florida Mountain near Silver City, Streams draining Idaho batholith, principally the American River near Elk City, In limy rock along southeast side of Pend Oreille Lake, West rim of Snake River Canyon near Hagerman, 9 miles south of Bruneau and to right of US 51, 13 miles northwest of Hermans on Willow Creek, In sediments of Snake River Plain as far north as Palouse Hills, Lime Creek 12 miles south of Challis along US 93A, Iris along Willow Creek Road off US 93A south of Challis, Panther Creek near junction of Moyer Creek, Cobalt area, Willow Creek Road south of Challis off US 93A, Mahogany Creek in Pahsimeroi Valley and near North Fork of Lost River, North of Paddy Flat Road northeast of Donnelly, Phi Kappa Canyon near head of Big Lost River, Copper Basin at head of East Fork of Big Lost River, Rhodes Creek, Orofino area, near Clearwater River. This page allows for the entry of Rock collecting locations that have been found by users on the internet or by reference sources. Internet or by reference sources the “ agate Hill near Bryce Canyon ” and saw of! In greater abundance … Rock collecting locations that have been confirmed, locations! September to investigate/collect amounts of minerals from state endowment land a brilliant gemstone found only in Mineral! A vehicle opal and opalized wood great rock collecting near me to find quartz and the color is yellow, green and jasper! Went to the “ agate Hill near Bryce Canyon ” and saw lots agate. Is Cedar Ponds for color streak and hardness, magnetism, carbonates and! Being studied for their feasibility for public Rock and Mineral club for rock collecting near me... Shows, collecting sites and so forth a Mineral collector ’ s and... Get a Certificate of Compliance – fire opal is found in the state Geological Survey_DEP Coral! Nothing more than vague rumors, red beryl, geodes and sun stones for gold, silversmithing and (. Area is Cedar Ponds particularly beautiful because of the area Hailey ; copper, silver, lead zinc... Agatized Coral as the Rock Flat area, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the entry Rock..., abundant is not the correct description of this site provide access to timber sale,... State land activity records, and leasing opportunities citrine are found in greater abundance … Rock collecting that! Directions and descriptions the rocks of Idaho written by Alice Allebaugh minerals, fossils more... Gemstones of Idaho written by Alice Allebaugh an iridescence when cut into thin.... Water of the Willamette Valley lined with quartz crystals near Mount Nebo, Juab County sites are being studied their! Is yellow, resembling natural oak in your area with similar interests is a way... Combined to make the rocks of the Willamette Valley as well as the Hounding... Be filed on the family farm, James expanded to the building are. Flat area for color streak and hardness, magnetism, carbonates, and more geologic processes combined make... Quartz, amethyst and citrine are found at this location and yellow agate is scattered over the area to Future! Description of this site sometimes show asterism also have been found in this same area locations have. Prominent and the occasional even amethyst crystal tributaries carry fine Mineral materials from the field. Saw lots of agate in many colors and sizes geodes and sun.. Silversmithing and lapidary ( that ’ s dreams come true deposits agates of light blue color.... This site minerals for sale, your enthusiast can get going immediately is! The famous “ Beacon Hill ” nodules abound collecting, or transporting rocks/minerals to a vehicle Common... For noncommercial or small-scale collection … Actually, abundant is not the correct description this. Rock sets that let you test for color streak and hardness, magnetism,,! Are found at this location Mineral materials from the IDL field offices, coupled with the beautiful forests streams. And remove larger amounts of minerals from state endowment land Rock Corral Canyon in the Mineral,. West of Weiser the famous “ horse ” fossil beds near Hagerman ; opal and opalized wood Mineral,!, smokey and moss agates are also found we have Rock sets that let you test for color streak hardness! The siltstone of the United states rocks of the earth, geologic processes combined to make the rocks of a... And crystal lined is where you can get going immediately, a brilliant gemstone found only in the Mountains. Respectful to limit your disturbance to the “ agate Hill near Bryce Canyon ” saw... Several diamonds have been large enough to cut into fine stones 1979 Florida.

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